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I am Saijanani, a budding UX developer. 


 My fusion of a profound interest in psychology with my expertise as a UI developer has charted my path toward becoming a UX designer. My ultimate goal is to not only create user-friendly applications but also to cultivate a spirited team and workspace. I accomplish this by honing my communication skills and meticulously attending to the finer points of design.

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chaser home_edited.jpg

Chaser is a Slack integrated application to remind the users about their tasks.

We conducted user research, competitive and current analysis, mock ups and references to enhance the user experience of the application.


Cozy Cove is a mobile application to help international students find their accommodation in Toronto. To develop this application :

Design Principle - Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test was followed in the development of this product.

This pages gives a basic information about my education background. Download the resume to know more about my professional experiences!

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